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Here we track progress on the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail, which will run about 250 miles across Florida, connecting the Gulf Coast at St. Petersburg on the west, through Central Florida, to the Atlantic Coast on the east at Canaveral National Seashore. In 2014 the Florida State Legislature provided $50 million in funding over a 5-year period to complete the "gaps" between existing trails to form this continuous multi-use trail across the state. Spanning nine counties, this is a state and regional collaboration. See map.

The Coast-to-Coast Trail is part of the Florida Greenways and Trails System plan, recognizing the economic impact to communities along trails, the growing popularity of eco-tourism, and public support for trails. It ultimately will link to both the 215-mile Heart of Florida Loop and the 260-mile St. John's River-to-Sea Loop.

Below we list Coast-to-Coast Trail trails and gaps, from west to east. Return often for updates:

Florida Bike Trails, Pinellas Trail

Pinellas Trail - Pinellas County - The 47-mile multi-use trail from St. Petersburg to the Pasco County Line at Keystone is one of the premier trails in Florida and forms the western end of the Coast-to-Coast Trail. In 2017, 5 miles to the Pasco County Line were added, filling the Pinellas County portion of the gap. (Updated, July 2017)

Starkey Gap, 2 miles (Pinellas Trail to Starkey Trail) - construction in Pasco County to start in 2018. (Updated: July 2017)


Starkey Trail

Starkey Wilderness Trail - Pasco County - Located at Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park, the 7.2 mile paved trail will be linked to the Pinellas Trail at the east and now links to the Suncoast trail to the west.



Suncoast Trail

Suncoast Trail - Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando Counties - The 41 mile trail parallels the Suncoast Parkway, it currently links to the Starkey Trail and will link to the Good Neighbor Trail.

Good Neighbor Gap, 6 miles (Suncoast Trail to Good Neighbor Trail) - In design phase.


Good Neighbor Trail Brooksville

Good Neighbor Trail - Hernando County - 10-mile trail east from Brooksville, will link with the Withlacoochee State Trail. 4 miles is currently paved.

Withlacoochee Gap, 6 miles (Good Neighbor Trail to Withlacoochee State Trail) - Under construction.


Withlacoochee State Trail

Withlacoochee State Trail - Hernando, Citrus and Pasco Counties, 46 miles. A portion of the trail will be part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail between the Good Neighbor Trail and Van Fleet State Trail.

Van Fleet Gap, about 20 miles (Withlacoochee State Trail to Van Fleet State Trail) - Alignment being studied, several different routes are under consideration.


Van Fleet Trail, Florida

Van Fleet State Trail - Polk, Lake, Sumter Counties - Totally rural 29 mile rail-trail with one curve and no hills through the Green Swamp. A portion of the trail will be part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail between the Withlacoochee and South Lake Trails.

South Lake Gap, 15 miles (Van Fleet State Trail to South Lake Trail) - In design.

Florida Bike Trails, Pinellas Trail

South Lake Trail  - Lake County - Together with the Minneola Scenic Trail, runs 13 miles from Clermont east to connect with the West Orange Trail as part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail.


West Orange Trail, Central Florida

West Orange Trail - Orange County - This is a 22 mile, world-class rail trail through urban and suburban sections of Orange County. Part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail from the South Lake Trail to Clarcona, where a gap remains to be filled to link the Seminole Wekiva Trail.

Clarcona-Ocoee Trail Gap - Orange County - A 3 mile connector trail between the West Orange Trail and the Pine Hills Trail (to the Seminole-Wekiva Trail) - In design.

Pine Hills Trail

Pine Hills Trail Gap - Orange County - 2 mile connector from the Clarcona-Ocoee Trail Connector to Seminole-Wekiva Trail - In design. Phase 3 of the Pine Hills Trail Plan will complete this section. (Phase 1 of the Pine Hills Trail was completed in 2017 - this section is part of the link between the Shingle Creek Trail and the Coast-to-Coast Trail.)


Seminole Wekiva Trail

Seminole Wekiva Trail - Popular 14-mile Seminole County trail, part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail from its south terminus at US441 to the bridge over I-4 at Lake Mary. (Updated: August 2015)


Coast to Coast Trail, Rinehart Road

Rinehart Trail - Seminole County - From connection with the Seminole-Wekiva Trail at the bridge over I-4 in Lake Mary, 5 miles along Rinehart Road and CR46 to Lake Monroe Wayside Park (portions under construction). (Updated: October 2016)

Seminole/Volusia Gap - Seminole and Volusia Counties - Bridge over St. John's River connecting Rinehart and Spring-to-Spring Trails has been funded for construction. In design.


Spring to Spring Trail

Spring to Spring Trail - Volusia County - From Lake Monroe Park in DeBary, when completed it will total 26 miles. One leg runs north to DeLeon Springs. To the east from DeBary it's part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail, connecting to the East Central Regional Rail Trail at Green Springs Park in Enterprise.


East Central Regional Rail Trail

East Central Regional Rail Trail - Volusia and Brevard Counties - When complete, will total 50 miles. Links to the Spring-to-Spring Trail at Green Springs Park in Enterprise. To the east, it proceeds through Osteen to Guise Road where a gap remains to Maytown. From Maytown, one leg goes north to Edgewater, but the leg south to Titusville is part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail.

East Central Regional Rail Trail

Volusia County, 12 miles (Enterprise to Brevard County Line, near Maytown) - Bridge over SR415 in Osteen has been completed, trail completed from Enterprise to Guise Road in Osteen. Gap remains to Maytown. (Updated: August 2015)

East Central Regional Rail Trail

Brevard County, 12 miles (Volusia County line near Maytown to Titusville) - Under construction. A portion from I-95 at Mims to Titusville has been completed but not open to riders until remainder completed, opening date scheduled in February 2018. A bridge now goes over Garden Street in Titusville and a Welcome Center/Bike Shop opened. The route to Max Brewer Bridge is marked by a 12-foot striped bike lane along Main Street and Indian River Avenue. (Updated: July 2017)


Merritt Island Biking

Canaveral National Seashore - Brevard County - Eastern end of the trail. The Coast-to-Coast Trail will continue over the Max Brewer Bridge in Titusville, through the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge to Canaveral National Seashore.

Space Coast Gap, 11 miles - Feasibility study, project development and environmental impact study needed.


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